Simple  Monthly  Budget
Keep track of your money
Gain control of your finances
Where is all your money going   
Live within your means
* Keeping track of your money is important
Know where you stand month by month -
Personal  Monthly  Budget  Tool
with Shopping List/Cart
. You will love it.
Personal Monthly Budget
Three Software Tools in One

Manage your Budget  / Shopping List / Things-To-Do  by Cell Phone

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Orgainze/Manage your budget remotely
Know exactly where your money is going with Simple Monthly
Budget Software.
You need a monthly budget to take control of your money.

This Monthly Budget Software Tool features:
  • Access Any Where Feature - Cell Phone - Access your
    budget data from any web connection at Home or Traveling.
  • Shopping List/Cart Interface - A shopping list table is pre-
    loaded at registration and the customer may
    Add/Change/Delete items.   This feature is an interface with
    the budget software.  Allows you to keep track of everything
    on your budget (regular and special).
  • Automatic Alerts -  Provides automatic transaction entries
    each month to ensure that you never miss a bill or payment
    without the customer typing.      These entries are highlighted
    in RED until the bill is paid.
  • Category Limits -  Customer may set a limit to a category
    (Phone, Utility, Grocery)  and when the monthly limit is
    exceeded, the customer will receive a message determined
    my the customer.     Message: Phone bill:  Why did my phone
    bill exceed the set limit this month?   Food bill:  I am eating
    too much.
  • History Option -  Track bill by transaction column (Monthly,  
    Several months,  Yearly). See trends up and down.  Access to
    your financial data forever (any year).
  • Pre-Pay -  Provides the option to pre-pay a bill before the
    scheduled date.
  • Pre-Pay Next Month -  Option to pre-pay for next month bill.
  • Summary -  Take summary (monthly, partial month, yearly).
  • Tax Collector - Have all your taxable items in one place for
    tax time highlighted in Brown.
  • Reminder -  Customer can tell the software to remind him/her
    of a transaction highlighted in BLUE.
  • Savings -  Keep track of your monthly savings.
  • Investment -  Keep track of your monthly investments.
  • Security -  Keep your financial data safe with a personal
    password in Microsoft SQL table.
  • Special Payments -  Keep track of special payments.
  • Backup/Recover Utilities - Ability to backup and recover your
    own data on a monthly basic.
  • CATEGORIZES your spending
  • Helps you cut/eliminate debt

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No charge for Calendar Manager (Things To-Do) with History -
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Manager software will allow you to view your budget from a  
Daily,  Weekly, or  Monthly point of view.
with Shopping List/Cart Interface
and Calendar Manager (Things-To_Do) with History